World Bee Day at a school in Ottawa

Od maj 20, 2021 15:00

This year's celebrations of World Bee Day in Canada are focused on awareness raising amongst the youth about the importance of bees and other pollinators for sustainable agriculture, preserving the environment and biodiversity. More than 70 children in first and third grades of Carson Grove elementary school in Ottawa will be able to watch a video presentation from two beekeepers - Urška Frančeškin Pahor from Slovenia and Pabro Berlanga from Canada. Both beekeepers will be answering the children's question after their video presentation. The Embassy will also introduce to the children the World Bee Day, Slovenia and the tradition of beekeeping in Slovenia. The presentation will be virtual, due to covid-19 restrictions. 

The Embassy in Ottawa is in parallel organizing an online Children's creativity contest. We're encouraging children's creativity on the subject matter of saving the bees. The contest is open until the end of May.



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