Italian Urban Beekeeping Convention - CNAU

Od maj 18, 2021 09:15
Conference title: Cesena, a city for bees. 
Moderator Claudio Venturelli, entomologist 
9.15 Introductions
- Francesca Lucchi, Municipality of Cesena, Environmental Sustainability and Europe council member 
- Pietro Miliffi, President of a local beekeeping association
- Ellen Belardi, Italian Urban Beekeeping Network, in memory of Andrea Paternoster
9.30 Elena Giovannini, Municipality of Cesena, "Bee Path Net, Cesena a bee friendly city                            
10.00 Guido Cortese, Italian Urban Beekeeping Network, video about Urban Beekeeping on Italy
10.10  Fani Hatjina, Urban Beekeeping and the BeePathNet project at Nea Propontida, Greece (consecutive interpreting by Ellen Belardi)   
10.40 Paolo Maini, Municipality of Fidenza, Biodiversity in the city - Maia's Wood at Fidenza
11.10 Claudio Porrini, Bologna University, Bee Pet-Therapy
11.30 Tobees, Voicing for biodiversity
11.50 Sabina Ghinassi, Rete Almagià, City of Ravenna, Bees' mysticism from Porfirio to Wolgang Laib
12.00 Discovering Cesena through the BeePathNet: live streaming from a park in Cesena where 100 students will be engaged with educational activities and workshops.

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