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From May 20, 2019 14:00

To raise awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators, and highlight solutions to the threats they face, join the the World Bee Day Twitter Chat! 

Date: Monday, May 20 from 2 -3 PM EDT 

Main hashtag: #BeeChat and #WorldBeeDay

Additional hashtag: #Savethebees

Host account: @FAONorthAmerica 


  1. Why are bees and other pollinators key to the #FutureOfFood and #globalgoals?
  2. What are the largest threats facing bees and other pollinators?
  3. What are some proven successful measures in reversing the trend of declining bee populations?
  4. What actions can you take in your community to help revive bee populations?
  5. Bees are incredible, what is your favorite fact about bees?

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Note: Answers should be posted in correspondence with the question i.e. the answer for question 1 (Q1), should start with A1 and include the main hashtag #BeeChat, and #WorldBeeDay if there is enough room.

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