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International Meliponiculture Seminar (Stingless bees Webinar)

From August 01, 2020 00:00

Welcome to the first INTERNATIONAL MELIPONICULTURE SEMINAR held by SOS Abelhas Sem Ferrão for the entire world community of honey farmers, interested and sympathetic to the cause of protection for stingless bees!

It is an honor for the volunteers, collaborators, supporters and partners of SOS Abelhas Sem Ferrão to announce the world's largest event on the creation of stingless bees, meliponiculture, TOTALLY online!

We invited to this event several of the greatest scholars of native stingless bees from all over the globe.

There is also an imminent concern about ensuring the health and safety of speakers, participants and the entire world community regarding issues related to immunity and their relationship with the SARS 2- COVID 19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

To improve this scenario, we invite immunologists, doctors, dermatologists, etc. with specialized studies in the use of "super products" of stingless bees.

Culinary professionals were also invited to this event to share knowledge about the applications of super stingless bee products in food and their relationship with people's health.

To amuse the participants' family members during the events, we brought artists to illustrate the intervals between lectures and brighten our days with beautiful stories about stingless bees.

Among the speakers are doctors, post-doctors (PhD), masters, breeders exclusively of stingless bees, doctors, artists with published works or awaiting publication to bring the most rigorous and dedicated studies carried out by these professionals to the world community of honey producers. and also to present management techniques, construction of niches (rational boxes), artists painting or drawing live, presenting stories about stingless bees, among many other knowledge and practices.


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