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Bee World

"The World Bee Day initiative unites us and brings the world together."

In order to raise awareness of the importance of bees and other pollinators and their vital role in agriculture, the environment and humankind in general, which is the main objective of the World Bee Day initiative, an interactive exhibition entitled Bee World was launched. The exhibition is presented in a pavilion where visitors can experience the world of bees in an interactive manner, come close to bees via virtual reality, take photos with them, listen to their buzzing, smell propolis and engage in many other interesting activities, all by means of modern technology.

The dome-shaped pavilion consists of wooden hexagonal elements that form a honeycomb, 6 m in diameter and 3.5 m high, enhanced by photos, video, and other material on bees reflecting recent technological advancements and Slovenian knowledge regarding the topic, all providing a unique experience to visitors.

The pavilion was first presented to the public in September 2016, at the FAO headquarters, during the 25th session of the Committee on Agriculture (COAG).

It was then displayed in numerous capitals around the world: at the Agra Fair in Slovenia; the European Commission HQ in Brussels, Belgium; the Apimondia Congress in Istanbul, Turkey; the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair; and at the United Nations in New York, USA.


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European Honey Breakfast

Slovenia’s initiative to introduce the European Honey Breakfast was based on the Honey Breakfast project introduced in 2007, when Slovenian beekeepers first offered honey for breakfast to children in kindergartens and schools. Every year, this educational and promotional campaign is accompanied by various presentations and workshops for children on the significance of bees for our food supply, with an emphasis on preserving a clean and healthy environment, as well as the countryside. It also focuses on the awareness-raising among other target audiences with regard to the role of breakfast as an important daily meal for a healthy lifestyle.

More information on the honey breakfast in Slovenia…

Based on good practices, Slovenia launched an initiative at the Agriculture and Fisheries Council in Brussels in March 2014 to introduce the European Honey Breakfast, which was warmly welcomed by several Member States. The EU candidate countries and third countries also expressed interest to participate. The proposal received a very positive assessment from the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Dacian Cioloş, who believes that the Slovenian Honey Breakfast is a good-practice example of the new legislative proposal for the school scheme, as it encompasses both developing healthy eating habits in children as well as enhancing the educational dimension with a focus on agricultural, food, and health (a balanced diet) and environmental topics.

The European Honey Breakfast Initiative leaflet (PDF)

“Let’s join forces and help preserve European agriculture, beekeeping and a clean environment!”


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