The Slovenian initiative to introduce a “European Honey Breakfast” is based on the project Honey Breakfast that started in Slovenia seven years ago when the Slovenian beekeepers offered their honey for breakfast to kindergarten and school children for the first time. In the context of this annual education and promotion action various presentations and workshops are organised to bring the importance of bees for our food supply closer to children, with emphasis on maintaining clean and healthy environment and rural areas. The focus is also on raising awareness of other target audiences about the role of breakfast as an important daily meal for healthy lifestyle.

You are kindly invited to join us in implementing the project and in making a combined effort to support food producers and processors, raise awareness on the need to maintain clean and healthy environment, teach young people about food production and processing and arouse interest in agriculture-related activities.

Information on the implementation of Honey Breakfast in Slovenia

Leaflet and video by Slovenian Beekeepers' Association: Slovenian Beekeeping initiative for The European Honey Breakfas and World Bee Day.

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